Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 20 : Katie

We had a good Memorial Day. Worked around the house some, got outside some. Today was the first time in months that I knowingly ate gluten. I made us a bunch of vegetables for supper and a skillet of cornbread. I totally caved. I am sure the wine worked against me. I've got to come up with a good gf cornbread recipe that isn't sweet. The ones I've tried have not been to my liking. Cornbread should not be sweet and should have a somewhat coarse texture. It's cornbread not cake.

Exercise : 15" yoga, one hour of yard work
Fruit: banana, strawberries
Sugar/Sweetener : None
Coffee : None
Alcohol : 3 glasses wine


  1. was there any added sugar in your gf corn bread?

  2. and more importantly how did you feel? oh it wasn't gluten free but it was sugar free? got it. but how did you feel afterwards?

  3. no added sugar because i made the Real cornbread. the gf cournbread i've tried is sweet.

    i was surprised that i didn't feel that poorly after i ate the cornbread.

    hope you are having a good day.