Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 23 : Katie

Had a good day today. Discovered raw cacao nibs. Oh heavens. So delicious. Much better than eating straight up unsweetened chocolate. Really they were such a delight. I have seen several recipes for them but I think they are delicious in their own right.

I did go out to lunch and had to ask several questions--like "what is in the chicken salad? Oh, relish. The tuna salad? Relish in that too, huh? The shrimp salad has relish too? Ok I'll just take the green salad with no dressing or croutons. Thanks." I felt rather annoying but was glad I asked otherwise I'd have eaten relish which is loaded with sugar.  

Alcohol : 8 oz red wine
Coffee : None
Sugar/Sweetener : None
Fruit : 1/2 cup cherries
Exercise : None


  1. i think that is a hard thing and something that will take work, to figure out how to not eat sugar while eating out. i have figured out how to bring snacks or eat before i go somewhere, but to enjoy a meal out with others seems challenging. and really who wants a green salad with no croutons or dressing, total bummer. i also find that when i ask someone working at a restaurant if something has sugar, i don't trust them when they say no... i feel like i need to see the labels of all the ingredients, which isn't realistic. gotta figure out a way for the long term.

  2. yay. they don't know what is in the food they are serving. in many cases, at least.
    a sald bar is good. straight up meat is good, but now foolproof. i mean, if unsweet tea is saturated with sugar then what are we to do?
    your practice of eating a snack before going out is good.