Monday, May 28, 2012

Day Twenty

Today was a fun day, we went with dear friends to a festival at the beach. I mainly ate an oat and date "muffin" while we were out and brought water from home. If I had not brought water I would have been very, very tempted by all the lemonade and hawaiian shaved ice stands. I did take a few bites of A's tamale, not sure if it had sugar, but after looking at chicken/chile tamale recipes, I don't think it did. It was spicy! Everyone again loved the muffins, I added 2 bananas and 3/4 cup chopped dates. They were nice and sweet, unlike sister's loaf that was not sweet... I find it to be a very versatile recipe :)

Added sugar: none
Fruit: dates/banana/applesauce in 2 muffins
Exercise: walk 3 milesw
Alcohol: 2 glasses merlot

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