Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Fourteen

Today I ate some more of the choco bites, even though they weren't that delicious the day after. Sort of the same as how I would eat chocolate covered raisins or almonds every night before this challenge... At least they are healthy, but still not sure I should eat them just because they are staring at me from my refrigerator.

I also saved most of my fruit allotment for the summer salad by oh she glows. I loved this salad last summer, made it all the time. Maybe because the fruit isn't peak season (it has peaches, strawberries and blueberries) or because I skipped the maple syrup in the dressing, it wasn't quite as good as I remembered it. But I did still enjoy it.

Added sugar: none
Fruit: 1/2 date/1/8 banana choco bites; 3/4 cup strawberries/blueberries/peaches
Alcohol: none
Exercise: jogged 4.5 miles/52 minutes


  1. i haven't made the chocobites, but the banana smackaroons i put in the toaster on the second day. it took out some of that tacky moisture.

  2. ooh, good idea. i want to make those again. thanks for the tip.