Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day One : Katie

Day One for me went fairly well. I did eat more fat than I should have. Four eggs in a day is too many, huh? Since I have broken the sugar cycle already, this day was not the hell it might have been. (I'll post more on that later.)

I did find myself several times breaking out into a panic, thinking things like "Does coconut milk have sugar?" when I'd already checked the can.

My son loves strawberry milk. That nasty kind that has artificial flavors and red 40 in it. I saw a recipe for strawberry milk on pinterest. So today, I gave it a try. I forwent the stevia and added a third of a vanilla bean. For the milk I used lite coconut milk. It was delicious. I asked Elliott which strawberry milk he liked better. He said he like them both the same. I saw him later in the day pick up the yellow box of strawberry powder and say to it, "You aren't very good for me."

Tomorrow we are going to the big city for dental appointments and then to a museum. I am planning on bringing a few snacks for me in case things get tight.

I hope everyone else's day went well today too.

No coffee; No alcohol
No sugars or sweeteners
Fruit: 1/2 cup strawberries, lemon juice
Exercise: None
Calories: 1576

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