Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 19 : Katie

Well, I finished my little pity party last night. I read so of an ebook that I bought back in February : Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar. I highly recommend it. Then I decided I would bake another batch of smackaroons and take them. So, last night when everyone was eating coconut cake, I ate two smackaroons. Again, a lesson in thinking ahead and being prepared.

I also made Karen's oatmeal loaf yesterday. It is different. At first it is a little off-putting because it isn't sweet. Because that is what we expect in a muffin, right? But then you accept it. And, then, you get these surprising and lovely bits of nut and raisin. When I make them again I will likely add more nuts and raisins. And, I think dried bing cherries would be great. I may rename these the fruit and nut muffins, because they are what really sing in these muffins. Also because oatmeal loaf brings to mind braless hippies on a commune in the 70s. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

The other fantastic thing about my day is that I went swimming in the pond. We live on a 7ish acre pond. There is a woman at the church I go to. If I had to guess, she is somewhere in her early- to mid-70s. She is so fit and healthy looking. One thing she does is go out to their camp and swim in the pond in the summers. Inspired, I decided to try it. I loved it. I swam one big lap of breast stroke and back stroke. It felt so good. I have always loved swimming. This might even me more fun than swimming laps.

Alcohol : None
Sugar/Sweeteners : None
Fruit : banana and raisins in smackaroons and oatmeal loaf
Exercise : Swam 15ish minutes
Coffee : None

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