Monday, May 14, 2012

Day Seven : Katie

Today on the phone, I told my sister that I missed baking. She suggested I give the smackaroons a try. I am glad I did. They were so good and they were fun to make. No grains and the only sweetener in them is banana. The author of the spoonful of sugarfree website says she figures them to be 100 calories per cookie. I also made a batch of delicious crackers today. I have made these once before and my only complaint is that the recipe doesn't make enough. They are so good.

The children and I did make a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies today. Before we delved in, I thought it might drive me crazy, but I had just eaten a smackaroon so I didn't feel like I was giving anything up. 

My caffeine headaches have subsided. I am tired still some days, but I feel like my energy level is more stable. I also feel like I have reigned in the fat the past couple days. I'm trying to watch my nut and egg intake some because those two things were pushing my total fat for the day much too high.

Day 7 of 32 complete.

Sugar or Sweeteners : None
Alcohol : None
Exercise : None
Fruit : half a banana at breakfast and quarter of a banana in smackaroon
Calories : 1176

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