Monday, May 14, 2012

Day Six

happy mother's day.
it was a wonderful day, spent with a wonderful friend J and her family.
j is also doing this sugar challenge to some (most) degree with us although she is not blogging about it.
but she is doing a great job too and we were able to enjoy a sugar free (i hope chicken caesar salad has no sugar) lunch at the spa after wonderful massages/jaccuzi/catch-up time.  i had an unsweetened passion fruit black tea that was yummy. my sister is always suggesting i try an unsweetened tea when i get grumpy about this whole thing and after that cup i think i will try it more often.
i packed tons of sugar free snacks for the ride up north and had a good sugar free day.
i have found the detox back off sugar easier this time since i was mostly off sugar up until the 5 days before this challenge started. i have had a lot more energy today and yesterday.

sugar: none
fruit: 1/4 banana in 3 smackaroons
wine: none
exercise: none
happiness: a great big dollop

1 comment:

  1. i love your great big dollop of happiness.
    glad you had a wonderful mother's day as you are a wonderful mother.