Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Katie : v.2.3

I bought some protein shakes and powders during the last NSC, only to get them home and find they had stevia in them. Today, I broke down and figured the bit of stevia in a shake would be okay, even worth the other added benefits. Gross. It tasted horrible. I even felt gross after I finished (most of) it. I just don't like stevia. During the last NSC I happened upon a little trick--Tree of Life's Cherry Concentrate.  I bought a bottle, thinking it was cherry juice. But when I opened it, I discovered it is a concentrate, so its consistency is more like maple syrup or agave. I really like a lot of the recipes from the web site Oh She Glows, but sweet Angela loves her some maple syrup. I have found the cherry juice concentrate to be the perfect "no sugar" substitute to use in her dressings and in other recipes I need to tinker with to make them free of sugar.

Tree of Life - Black Cherry Concentrate 100% Fruit - 16 FL oz.

Sugar : Stevia in a shake (blehck)
Gluten : None
Exercise : Yoga 10 minutes, walk 60 minutes

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