Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day Twenty Five

Work. Busy. L is transitioning next week to the toddler room at school so I met with his new teacher today, the same one Avery had at this age. Avery has her little graduation from preschool party next Friday. They are growing up. For the party the school is asking parents to bring a favorite dessert, not sure what I want to do, an actual dessert or some fruit or naturally sweetened treat...

Added sugar: none
Fruit: none
Alcohol: none
Exercise: none


  1. my vote is for you to do one of your naturally sweet treat.
    i can't believe avery is having preschool graduation. that crushes my heart.

  2. i know right? me too. i want to blog on my other blog about it but she sang the "school song" on the way home last night, i totally wanted to cry, know i will be one of "those" moms who cries at a preschool graduation. really?!?!