Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day Thirty Two

Wow, this thing really went by fast. Hard to believe it's "over". Although not really over. I feel detoxified but I still crave ice cream on a hot day or a chai tea latte on a cold day. I struggle with what this all means for my life. Do I have ice cream once a week? Do I allow myself crackers that have maltodextrin? Do I bake with honey?
I still feel like an addict, I guess. I am afraid that I won't be able to control myself if I loosen the reins even a little bit. I won't know if I don't try. I am just not sure how or when to try. For now I think it is easier to just keep at it until I have more clarity. I have learned so much during this challenge, about food, the food industry, processed foods, my body, my cravings, my emotions surrounding food. I have not really ever been one to eat solely for sustenance, I eat for pleasure, for those pleasure centers in my brain that delight in sugar. That is a little better now I am sure, but I know I can easily slip back and I don't want to. I feel better not going through the sugar highs and lows of each day.
I also overall exercised more regularly this past month than I had during the previous couple of years. I am sure this contributed to me feeling better too. I too am so glad to have done this with my sister, who would let me talk endlessly about sugar and it's many facets. Love you sweet sister. I will keep blogging with you too.
Today was A's preschool graduation. Time flies as we all know. No time like the present to make positive change in my life.

Added sugars: none
Fruit: 1 smacaroon
Alcohol: none
Exercise: none

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