Saturday, June 9, 2012

Farm Fresh

One of the greatest things about this challenge is how many more vegetables I have been eating.
I will take this opportunity to post about "Farm Fresh to You" which is an organic, local produce home-delivery company that I signed up for at the memorial day arts/crafts festival in our town. Our first box arrived Tuesday. The kids devoured the blueberries & watermelon. There were plums to add to our current collection of plums from the farmer's market. I made a salad with the romaine, carrots and avocado. I also make a ginger/garlic bok choy stirfry. I am enjoying trying vegetables that I wouldn't normally buy. I have a pound of sweet potatoes to make some sweet potato baked chips. Not sure what to do with the radishes in my fridge, but otherwise very happy with all of it. For now we are getting one box every two weeks. The only sort of bummer is it comes on Tuesdays, and I work all Tuesdays and lots of Wednesdays, so I have to get the kids to bed, clean all the vegetables and store them before I too can go to bed!

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