Monday, June 25, 2012

Hidden Sugars

I was with friends after our NSC and someone asked me what the hardest part of the no sugar challenge was for me, and I said all the hidden sugars. So many, many things have sugar in them. As I dive back in to another self-suggested NSC, it is the thought of having to be militant about hidden sugars that exhausts me the most.

Sugars that tripped us on our 34 day NSC:
Starbucks Passion ice tea, unsweet (BS it's unsweet)
Crunchmaster, gluten free crackers
Cape Cod, Salt and Vinegar potato chips

Other places we found hidden sugars:
All kinds of soups, even those "healthy-looking" cartons of soup
Seasoning salt
Vigo Yellow rice
Tostito's restaurant-style salsa
Udi's millet and chia glutten-free bread
Lipton Onion soup mix

Also, there is stevia in the protein powders I bought from the Health Food Store.

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