Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week Two, mid-week: Katie

Yesterday I found a website for moms, a well-grounded life, that I like. One thing she writes about is sugar addiction. I read something from her that was new news to me:

Seeking Balance :: Refined sugar is devoid of any nutrients. Our body needs nutrients to complete the digestion process. In order for sugar to be processed, it must actually grab vitamins and minerals from your body’s stores to complete its digestion.
So sugar robs us of nutrients every time we eat it. This leaves us with an unsatisfied feeling and a need to replace the drained nutrient reserve. We become hungry and crave more food. 

For my second week, I am doing fine. I've walked with weights one day and done yoga one morning. I haven't had any alcohol so far this week and I've had no sugar or gluten. My coffee consumption is back to its sky-high levels though. Small steps. 

The children and I are going out of town coming up. These are times where I falter. I've got to prepare for the car travel and the dining out of home experiences. 

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