Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week One: Katie

I read a good article this morning on the evils of refined flours. Many of the symptoms resulting from eating refined flour are the same as those for eating refined sugar. The article also hints at possible reasons why so many people now have issues with gluten.

I have a theory, and that is that really everyone in our country should drastically limit or eliminate gluten from their diet. I think the increase in processed foods, genetically modified grains, over-processing of grains, and other modern day conveniences have made gluten a poison. I have another theory, and that is that I like to have lots of theories.

One quote from the article: “It is so much easier to overconsume any food where the work of chewing or digesting or separating fiber from starch has been done for us,” says functional nutritionist Julie Starkel, MS, MBA, RD.

So my first week of this self-directed journey went well but contained two missteps. I went out to eat with a friend on Wednesday to a deli that makes splendid pimento cheese. I love pimento cheese. So I caved and got the sandwich. Grilled pimento cheese. Delicious. Then, yesterday I couldn't let go of the notion of eating chocolate. So, after several hours, I caved and fixed me a big bowl of popcorn with chocolate chips in it. It was yummy and just the snack I needed. I maybe because I paired the chocolate with popcorn it didn't trigger more sugar cravings like often happens. Onward into week two....

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