Sunday, May 25, 2014

master list

so the hardest part about this meal planning thing for me is the organization. really. what is the best way to lay it out, where to store the data, what about remote access?

when my sister and i were last together, we made a master list of meals we like to make. i'm going to list them here so i can throw the 8 sheets of paper away. we will see what i then do with this info.

miso salmon
turkey meatloaf
turkey meatballs
chicken parm
asian chicken (so beach p219)
chicken tagine with winter squash & chickpeas
(gwyneth p125)
chicken burgers (gwyneth p111)
middle eastern turnkey burgers (gwenyth 108)
lemon roast chicken (ina)
steak & shrimp
shrimp & grits
salmon croquettes
mustard roasted fish (ina basics p136)
pot roast
breakfast for supper

chinese chicken salad (ina)
greek panzanella with quinoa
greek salad with marinated chicken
salad dressings (gwenyth p75&62)

Slow Cooker:
tofu & chickpea surry
santa fe black beans (slow cook p228)
moroccan meatballs in tom sauce (slow cook p44)
bbq chicken

fusilli white beans
warm white beans with garlic and rosemary (splendid p16)
sante fe black beans (slow cook)

Gluten Free:
pizza crust from cauliflower

chicken tortilla
taco soup
 sweet potato lentil soup
chicken chickpea stew
matzo ball soup
posole (gwenyth p92)

Vegetable Sides:
sweet potatoes with coconut oil, pecans, and coconut
roasted broccoli
peas with mint
spinach stuffed mushrooms (so beach p170)
spaghetti squash
sauteed kale, greens
sweet potato fries
parm roasted broccoli (ina basics p172)
pan seared brussels sprouts
green beans with peppers & onions (ina)
risotto with beans
roasted butternut squash with warm cider vinegarette (ina basics p88)
roasted carrots

chicken tofu pad thai
fish tacos
black bean tostados (cooking light)
curry chicken
tangine lentils
chicken satay
spring rolls

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